General Walkthrough Video

This general walkthrough video will guide you through the first steps of how to use Lead-DBS.

Organizing Patient Raw Files: 00:00:37
Starting Lead-DBS & Overview: 00:01:28
Renaming converted NIfTI files: 00:02:26
General Processing Strategies in Lead-DBS: 00:03:51
Linking Lead-DBS with 3DSlicer: 00:04:20
The Lead-DBS Preferences File: 00:05:20
Coregistration og Patient Acquisitions: 00:06:03
Exporting Code to Automatize Lead-DBS Processes: 00:07:26
Submitting Jobs from Lead-DBS to a Compute Cluster: 00:08:06
Keeping Track of Methods used in a Study: 00:10:25
Checking Coregistration Results: 00:13:58
Normalizing Patient Results to Template Space: 00:19:41
Checking Normalization Results: 00:23:54
Brainshift Correction: 00:30:27
Working in Batch with Multiple Patients: Approving & Disapproving Results: 00:34:41
Pre-Reconstruction of DBS Electrodes: PaCER: 00:39:30
Localization of DBS Electrodes: CT: 00:40:14
Pre-Reconstruction of DBS Electrodes: TRAC/CORE: 00:48:26
Localization of DBS Electrodes: MRI: 00:51:17
Visualizing Results: 00:55:55
Calculating Volumes of Tissue Activated: 01:00:07
Lead Connectome: 01:05:30
Using Normative Connectomes: Lead Connectome Mapper: 01:07:40
Predicting Patient Outcome using Lead Predict: 01:13:01
Group Analyses in Lead Group: 01:16:03
Further Ressources and Support on 01:32:37

BIDS walkthrough

This video will guide you through converting to the BIDS format & how to go along with the new file format.

Lead-DBS refresher

This course happened 03/18/2022 between Harvard & Charite and is intended for users already familiar with Lead-DBS. The aim is to give users more control over their data and means to assure results derived with Lead-DBS are meaningful and informative. It is not intended to be an introductory course on the tool.

Sweetspot, Fiber Filtering & Network Mapping Explorer Walkthroughs

This video will guide you through using the sweetspot, fiber filtering & network mapping explorers.

Refine Atlas Fit Walkthrough Video

This video will guide you through using the (outdated) refine atlas fit feature of Lead-DBS. While still available, please note that this feature has been replaced by WarpDrive.