2-day workshop on Deep Learning for intracranial neurophysiology (spikes and LFPs), 09/2019

Directly after the Lead-DBS workshop in Berlin this September, Chadwick Boulay from Ottawa will offer a 2-day workshop on Deep Learning for intracranial neurophysiology (spikes and LFPs).

This workshop will take place from 16th – 17th September (while the Lead-DBS workshop will take place 13th – 15th September).

Please find a short description by Chadwick Boulay in the bullet points below.

  • The goal of the workshop is to help attendees gain familiarity with technologies commonly used in DL (e.g., keras/tensorflow on GPU, jupyter notebooks on the cloud), to understand DL programming paradigms (e.g., batch loading data), and to become proficient in building, training, and evaluating deep neural networks as applied to extracellular neurophysiology data.
  • You will learn how to load and process electrophysiology datasets (ECoG, single-channel deep brain microelectrode recordings, and multichannel (~192) intracortical microelectrode array datasets). After an introduction to DL, attendees will learn how to apply several DL algorithms and architectures to these types of data, and finally you will explore different ways of using deep learning to advance neuroscientific endeavours. Some of the algorithms we aim to cover include convolutional neural nets (CNN) and several flavours of recurrent neural nets (RNN).
  • Attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of machine learning concepts, have basic familiarity with Python syntax, and have an interest in applying deep learning to extracellular neurophysiology data. For each topic, attendees will work through prepared examples using real data and thus are expected to bring their own laptop and have configured their deep learning environment (instructions will be provided in the weeks before the workshop).

Registration is now closed.

Registration fees are:

  • Students/PhD students:
    • Lead-DBS OR Machine Learning workshop: 70€
    • Both workshops: 105 €
  • Postdocs:
    • Lead-DBS OR Machine Learning workshop: 250€
    • Both workshops: 375 €
  • Faculty/Industry:
    • Lead-DBS OR Machine Learning workshop: 350€
    • Both workshops: 525 €

Payment details and invoice will be provided upon successful registration.

Kind regards,

Your Lead-DBS Team