Lead-DBS workshop 2018 @ Fudan University Shanghai

Please find videos from the Lead-DBS workshop 2018 at Fudan University Shanghai below.
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1. Electrode localizations with Lead DBS

2. Linear Registrations and Basics in Volumetric Imaging – Hands on Session

3. Nonlinear Deformations, Atlases, Spaces and Advanced Concepts

4. Fully automatic Electrode Reconstruction & Report Generation using PaCER

5. Electrode Reconstructions, VTA modeling

6. Group Analyses with Lead DBS – Subcortical Electrophysiology Mapping

7. Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation

8. Using Normative Connectomes to Analyze Data in Lead Connectome Mapper

9. Lead Connectome – Functional and Structural Connectomics

10. Applying Lead DBS in Cognitive Neuroscience

11. Neuroimaging for Brain Stimulation in Shanghai

We would like to thank Prof. Shouyan Wang and Dr. Xinyi Geng for organizing the workshop and recording & providing the videos.