Welcome to Lead-DBS

Lead-DBS: A toolbox facilitating Deep Brain Stimulation electrode reconstruction and computer simulation based on postoperative MRI & CT imaging.

“For me, Lead-DBS is one of the most important developments in the field of DBS research in recent years”

“The spatial mapping approaches of Lead DBS have really accelerated the field.”

“Lead-DBS is arguably the most established toolbox providing a semi-automatic framework for electrode localization”

“Lead-DBS is widely used.”

“Two elegant examples were published by Horn et al. 2017 in which a method was described to warp DBS electrode coordinates and histological data to MNI-space (Ewert et al. 2017).”

“A commitment of the community to open science will also democratize and increase the speed of advances with high uptake of currently available initiatives such as Lead-DBS.”

“Lead DBS is an additional tool that allows each member of our multidisciplinary team to visualize the pre-op trajectories, post-op implanted electrodes and more precisely their distinct contacts in a easy and fast way. In the same manner, it helps us also to understand the effects of the stimulations by using the simulation of volume of tissue activated, to obtain selectivity of the stimulation of the desired structure and carry out comparisons across patients. Infinite thanks for sharing this great and usefull tool!”

“I really appreciate this brilliant toolbox and the support from Andreas Horn, Ningfei Li and colleagues that comes with it.”

“Lead-DBS is a clinical research platform that continuously opens new horizons for brain research. It is critical for my ERC project that integrates invasive neurophysiology, brain stimulation and connectomics with Lead-DBS for BCI and neuroprosthetics in Parkinson’s.”

“Lead DBS is a game changer in DBS research, this tool is allowing major steps in moving the DBS field forward 🙌🏽🙌🏽 excellent job!”

“Lead-DBS is an amazing tool and managed to popularize neuro-imaging studies and break the barriers of research community. I often use Lead-DBS for my research and I think that it has become a sine qua non for DBS studies. Looking for forward to future collaborations!”

“We use lead DBS daily at Mayo Clinic. I also am using it for my PhD based at Monash University. The software capabilities are very broad. Group analysis with dependent variables has streamlined the process of addressing my research questions significantly.”

Lead-OR: A toolbox facilitating research during Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.

Lead-DBS was initially developed at the Movement Disorders Unit of Andrea KühnDepartment of NeurologyCharité – University Medicine (CCM), Berlin, Germany.

Since 2016, development continues among researchers from various institutions (see about page).

Since 2019, development is coordinated by the Network Stimulation Laboratory.

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