This page summarizes ways we provide user support for questions/help regarding Lead DBS and Lead Connectome:

Slack User ChannelAutoinvite here.

The Slack channel (autoinvite yourself here) provides fast and uncomplicated help from users to users. Also, Ningfei, Philip, Siobhan and Andreas are online often and usually respond fast to questions. If you are not familiar with Slack, it is a great way to communicate on research topics and you can imagine it very similar to Whatsapp or other chat systems. There are great apps for Slack which allow you to easily communicate with us from your Desktop or mobile device. For Mac users, we can additionally recommend the multi-messenger software “Franz” which is a combined messenger app for Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and much more.

Feel free to post questions on using the topic leaddbs. This is meant to replace the forum (below) if adopted by users. We embrace the idea of centralising support/discussions within the neuroimaging community to one place – and seems to be the one.

Lead-DBS Forum

We also provide a more old-fashioned forum for questions/issues on this website. Please post all questions here or within the Slack channel (instead of mailing us) so that others can benefit from the questions, too.


Other good sources of info are the walkthrough videos section and the Lead-DBS manual. If you just wish to get a quick overview about what Lead-DBS does, there is also a screenshot section.